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la asset management

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The Philosophy


Independent and for decades with verifiable success in asset management

Fair rewards for asset management - no retrocessions

Choice of cost-saving custodian banks

No products are sold or investments transacted that are not clear and reproducible for the client



Werner Häuslein


Werner Häuslein founded in 1992 the WEHAMA FINANZ AG, which was active for more than 25years in asset management, investment advisory services and fund management..

In 1977 Werner Häuslein – after successfully completing his studies in business economics – earned the academic title of Graduate in Business Administration. During his professional career he worked in the credit departments of the Bank für Gemeinwirtschaft in New York, the SBG in Zurich (today UBS), the Bank J. Bär in Zurich and finally in the position of vice-director with the Royal Trust Bank in Zurich.

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